100mm Figurines

American Civil War

Pvt 13th / 42nd Pennsylvania 1862

Artilleryman Man Civil War

Sussex Light Dragoon 1861

Sussex Light Dragoon Conversion 1862

Sergeant 11th Indiana (Walles Zouaves) 1864

Corporal 5th Georgia Regulars 1862

1st Lieutenant 5th New York (Duryeas Zouaves) 1862

Private 6th Wisconsin, The Iron Brigade, 1863

Private 1st Maryland Battalion CSA 1863

Corporal 8th Louisiana 1862

Colonel J.L. Chamberlain 1863

Private, 1st Texas (The Starr Rifles) 1863

Brigadier General Lewis Armistead 1863

Private 14th Brooklyn 1863

Brigadier General USA 1861-1865

Private CSA Infantryman 1861-1865

Private 20th Maine or 54th Massachusetts

Private 26th North Carolina 1863

Private 146th New York 1864

1st Sergeant 7th Michigan Cavalry 1863 (mounted)

1st Lieutenant CSA Horse Artillery 1862

Private 7th New York State Militia 1861

Private 1st Rhode Island 1861

Private 1st Virginia Volunteer Infantry 1861

Private 20th Massachusetts 1863

Louisiana Tiger Zouave

5th NY Volunteers (Red Devils) 90mm

120mm Figurines

Napoleonic Wars

Corporal Grenadier Co. French Line Infantry 1808

Voltiguer 72nd Regiment French Line Infantry 1813

Carabinier 29th Light Infantry 1796

Sous-Lt 20th Dragoons Egypt 1800

Trooper 15th Regt. of Dragoons 1809 (dismounted)

French Drummer Boy 1798

Pvt. 3rd Regt. Continental Lt Gragoons 1777 (mounted/ charging)

American Revolution War

Private 4th Ind. Co. Maryland State Troops 1776

American Civil War

U.S. Civil War 12 PDR Field Artillery (Napoleon)

General Stonewall Jackson

Lt. General Grant (seating)

33rd New Jersey Infantry

General George Armstrong Custer (mounted)

3rd New Jersey Cavalry (dismounted)

Confederate Infantry (charging)

General JEB Stuart

Union Infantry Officer (sword raised)

Major John S. Mosby CSA 1863

Harper's Ferry Marine 1859

General George Pickett 1863

General James Longstreet 1863

Private 79th NYSM 1861

General JEB Stuart (mounted) 1862

1st LT CS Marine Corps 1861-1865

World War I

Private 3rd Battalion 6th Marines 1918

World War II

Scout Sniper 2nd Marine Division 1944

Sergeant 44th Inf. Div. 1944

Figurine List